Customer Reviews

Thank you Larry! For the great outstanding hassle free service that Michigan Motor Exchange provided to our company. You did everything that you said you do and more. I admit that I was a little skeptical at first about taking the route of a remanufactured motor over a new vehicle due to the poor service and broken promises that many service providers give today. However Larry you did right by us. Not only did we get 1 reman but we got 2 which saved us a lot of money as opposed to the route of brand new vehicles. They look good they run great and we're saving a lot of cash on insurance. Thanks again, Tony
Tony on September 17th, 2015
A forever grateful friend...
I never expected to be replacing an engine at this point and time in my life. But this truck has literally saved my life more than once. So I was suffering anxiety issues worrying about if I had done the right thing, and a few various other issues. The guys at your Westland store, have put EVERY worry about my truck at rest. I have an F-150, 2004, I bought brand new in 2003. I couldn't part with her just because I wore the engine out. I changed the oil at 200 miles, and the guys that did the oil change were sooooo impressed, they took my business cards for your stores! THANK YOU MICHIGAN MOTOR EXCHANGE!!!!, for keeping my family safer in this world of slightly untalented drivers! SORRY, but I drive different machines and equipment professionally, so THANK YOU for letting me keep my 'peace-of-mind!' I would be very proud to be a reference for you guys, and 'THANK YOU VETS!' A hard hug coming to you all! Bless you, and angels all around your wonderful company! A forever grateful friend!
Mary T on May 14th, 2014
Warranty Work
If you are looking for a trustworthy location to have your motor replaced, look no further. Three years ago I had Michigan Motor Exchange replace the motor in my 2003 Montana. The motor developed a problem, and with only 3 days left on the three year warranty I expected to have a small battle on my hands. But they took the car with no hesitation. A short 10 days later I had the vehicle back with the problem fixed. If I had only one word to described MME, it would be "HONORABLE". This is one of the only times that a facility has honored their warranty without question or hesitation. Thanks again Larry. Once again, it's not me that you took care of, it was my entire family.

Kevin. A very satisfied customer.
Kevin H on October 14th, 2013
I just want to say THANK YOU!
I just want to say THANK YOU! Larry at the Westland location provided superior service. He was honest and kept in constant contact with the status of my car. I would definitely recommend Michigan motor to everyone. I would definitely use them in the future (hopefully I won't have too though! Lol) and have my friends also take their cars there. Thank you so much the amazing service! I am one satisfied happy customer!
Khristan B on September 18th, 2013
Email Testimonial Forwarded from an Affiliate
I just opened my e-mail this morning and found yet another positive endorsement from a past customer of Michigan Motor Exchange: Dear Thomas B, I brought my 97 Chevy Camaro to you over a year ago, you rebuilt the motor and it has been running well ever since. I have driven to Lansing, MI several times and the car ran well, not to mention i drive to work about 30 miles daily roundtrip. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of a motor.
Thomas B on April 30th, 2013
We decided to go with MME when our daughters car had the timing chain break which in turn destroyed the motor in her 2007 Saturn Ion. I went to MME in Westland and spoke with Larry. Larry made me feel extremely comfortable about our decision even though the cost was a big strain on our financial situation. I told Larry that I needed your company to do a "bang up job" on my daughters car as she would be commuting back and forth to college in it. Larry assured me that your company would deliver and that we would be extremely happy with the choice that we had made. So far, the car runs like new and I am happy with our decision to date. A big thank you goes out to Larry and the guys at MME for delivering as promised.
Dan G on February 25th, 2013
I wanted to say THANK YOU for fixing my engine so quickly. Although I brought by car in over the Holidays, you were able to turn it around very quickly. Everyone was pleasant and helpful. Additionally you were able to keep the cost down and not run up my bill. I would recommend your shop to anyone.
Sue O on January 7th, 2013
Walk-In Testimonial Received by Mark at MME
We had a previous customer, Vern M come in to 8 Mile office to order an engine to be installed in a Windstar in Westland for his son. I sold Vern his first engine a 3.0 Caravan that we installed in Westland 5 years ago when he had a 174,000 miles on the van, he said he has driven it another 500,000 miles since then and it is still running strong.
Mark N on January 12th, 2012
Long, but please read...
I'm writing this in regards to an unfortunate problem that happened when I traveled to the Midwest in my motor home that had become one nightmare after another until I discovered Mark and Kevin Navarre and Michigan Motor Exchange. This is rather long but please read to the end. My family and I spent time in Iowa then on the return home to upstate NY we spent a few nights north of Chicago then a night in Indiana before starting our journey home. Within an hour the engine developed something that couldn't be repaired on the road and had to be towed. It was towed to what I was told to a reputable shop where I was informed it wasn't something that could be repaired quickly. We rented a car and proceeded home waiting for an answer if it was terminal or not. The first call stated it was minor and would be fixed as soon as possible. Six weeks later I was told the engine was shot and needed to be replaced or rebuilt at a different shop, this shop quoted me a price which went from $4500 to $7000 in a blink of an eye. I then told the second shop to leave it alone and i'd get back to them. This is where Mark & Kevin come in. During a search for engine repair on the internet I came across Michigan Motor Exchange and was impressed by their add especially the fact that it has been in business since the late 1940's and that they warranteed their repairs for 250,000 miles. If anyone knows anything about engines this is unheard of for a gasoline engine. I sent an inquiry as to how much for the complete job and if they could do a 35 ft motor home. To my amazement the reply was yes to the size and the complete job would be under $4000. After a few phone conversations with Mark I was sold. They even located a towing service to bring in the their shop from Indiana at a very reasonable price. During the rebuild they informed me the radiator was bad and should be replaced (which I already knew) but if I wanted to wait until I returned to NY that would be fine> They could of insisted I do it there but I wasn't pressured at all but figured they were the experts so I had them do it. I did price them here and were comparable so I wasn't getting overcharged at all. They even repaired a few exhaust leaks that existed with no additional charge. The engine was rebuilt and road tested where they discovered a small problem which they addressed and corrected. They could of just fixed it and not even tell me because being 600 miles away I wouldn't have known Something like that may not mean anything to some people but to me it shows their true character and that they are honest .Upon arrival to pick the motor home up it was close to closing time and could of said heres your keys and see you later. Kevin took the time to give us a complete tour of the shop and explain the whole process and what each machine did, I was impressed. I also learned that they are part of a network to honor the warranty and that it didn't have to go back to Michigan for repairs. In closing, no one is perfect and I'm sure a few people have complained over the years but any company that has been in business since the late 40's must be doing something right or they still wouldn't be in business. My experience with Mark and Kevin and Michigan Motors was pleasurable, honest and trusting. They told me what they would do, when they would do it and for a pre determined price which they did. Thanks again Kevin and Mark, you should be proud of your business I know I am, No one likes to spend money that they don't have to but when we do , its nice to know there are still people like you guys out there that don't go overboard with repair charges
Bert Moon on January 20th, 2010
Thank You
Hello, I brought my car in for repair to the Detroit location, and it is running so great. I wanted to say thank you to Kevin and the entire michigan motor exchange family. Kevin discovered my bank had paid you double for my last transaction $500 . He took care of and refunded the over payment. Thank you for your honesty, diligence and just being good people to do business with.

Another happy customer!
Kimberly W on September 12th, 2015
Trailblazer SS Rebuild
Just wanted to say thanks to Michigan Motor Exchange for the excellent LS2 motor rebuild on my 06 Trailblazer SS. The rebuilt engine has been in my vehicle for 6 months with absolutely no issues, runs smooth & very strong. Want to mention I was very impress with your teams various engines & LS engine knowledge and the optional performance upgrades (Performance Cam) I requested and Michigan Motor Exchange accommodated . The MME team performed a great document write-up with the engine failure and before & after rebuild measurements. Another document that impressed me was the complete component list with part numbers of all items replaced. The professionalism and detailed documentation was very impressive.

If I need any engine rebuild I will be back to MME.
Derek H on October 22nd, 2013
Boat Engines
In the summer of 2010 both my and my fathers boat engines went bad. My 1973 inboard blew a head gasket and began arcing between 2 cylinders which then caused the cylinder head to crack and and began dumping water into the crankcase. My fathers boat had a hydraulic valve lifter go bad (froze and stopped rotating) which then caused the camshaft to wear and pushed metal shavings throughout the engine and you know what happens after that. Took both boats to Mich Motor Ex in Waterford Mich. We received excellent service from a very curtious staff, the work was done on pretty much within the time frame and they also tried to save me some money off the original estimate by reusing some original parts. I declined that offer since the boat is already there, and instructed them to just put on all new parts. They also repaired a leaking transmission seal for me free of charge. Afterwards I had a few questions regarding the maintainance of the rebuilt engines, they politely and patiently answered my questions. We were satisfied with the service.
R C on October 4th, 2013
Letter of Recommendation
I want you to know just how impressed I am with the honesty and integrity of your company. It is rare to receive such ethical treatment in today's marketplace. I hope you will post this message and share it with every potential customer that walks in your door so they will understand my story and how good your actions have made me feel.

My story starts with an intermittent engine chatter on acceleration in my 2010 Fusion Sport 3.5L engine. This past Saturday, the chatter was a bit louder but went away as usual. Sunday morning when I started the car, it sounded as though someone had thrown a toolbox of wrenches into the engine. I had the vehicle towed to the Ford dealer I have been doing business with for many years on Sunday so it would be first in line on Monday. It took them until late Tuesday afternoon to look at it and they charged me several hundred dollars to run some diagnostics and pull of the valve cover for a look see. Late Wednesday afternoon they then said they would have to tear down the engine for a cost of several thousand dollars just to try and figure out what was wrong. They added that if I needed an engine it would be another several thousand for the parts and a couple thousand more for labor.

Totally shocked, I reached out to Michigan Motor Exchange after a brief Internet search highlighted that you were the largest and most established engine rebuilding company in the Detroit Metropolitan area. I was thoroughly impressed with your knowledge and honesty over the phone as you advised me on my options and the most beneficial way to go. We agreed on the direction of installing a used same model Ford 3.5L engine that would have certified mileage and a two-year warranty. I was then totally blown away when you quoted me the used, low mileage, engine that was less than the cost of only tearing down the engine to investigate what was wrong at the Ford dealer.

Needless to say I was very happy to have your truck pick up my car at the Ford dealer yesterday afternoon after they told me their only option was to start tearing it apart to locate the problem.

Here is where my story of complete admiration comes into play. This morning you shocked my world by telling me there was nothing wrong with my engine except that maybe a hydraulic valve that controls the valves and lifters had temporarily been plugged. You even drove it first to confirm it was in good shape before letting me know when you could have just as easily swapped out the engine and put a few grand in your company's register. I was unwittingly getting fleeced by the dealer and you were honest, ethical, and totally above board.

So wow!! I can't thank you enough for refunding my deposit and sending me off with a handshake and smile on your face. I plan to tell every person I meet whether they need some work done on their car or not because you deserve it. God bless you for being who you are.
Mike M on September 13th, 2013
Excellent Service at Michigan Motor Exchange
I had my 2000 Escalade motor rebuilt, dropped the vehicle off on 2-5-13 and picked it up 2-11-13. They went out of there way to give me a ride home. In additoin to the rebuild, they installed a lot of extras (belts, hoses, rotor, wires) prearing the car for the next 100,000 miles.

I couldn't happier for the service that I received from everyone involved, from the guy at the front counter to the one that gave me a ride home. Everyone was personable and friendly.

It was a small price to pay considering it would have cost $75,000. to buy a one.

If you need work done on your car feel at ease to have it done at Michigan Motor Exchange.

Again, thanks for the excellent service that was provided.
Danny A on April 15th, 2013
You came thru w/ a good engine. 'preciate you & your team.
Jim M on February 18th, 2013
Phone Call Testimonial Received by Kevin at MME
I received a call today from Gregory D who picked up his vehicle yesterday from Westland. He just wanted to tell one of the 'owners' what a great experience it was to deal with Michigan Motor Exchange. He said from when he first talked with David, to the whole crew that took care of him in Westland, we were very professional and he loves his new motor.
Kevin N on February 14th, 2012
How was my experience?
It has been a pleasure dealing with MME! Everything happened as described and my motor ran like a top right off the bat!
Stu J on November 29th, 2011